The truth about comparing 9-5 work to home based job opportunities.

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Working from home can change ones perspective of the term ‘work.’ There are lots and lots of advantages of being able to handle your business from the safest place within your reach which is your home. Getting the chance to have a source of income from the normal work to home is practically the best chance you could possibly get in securing your future. Here are the perks to having a work from home job opportunity;

  1. You get to spend time with your family and friends.
  2. You set your own hours.
  3. You do not answer to anyone.
  4. You manage your growth by yourself.
  5. You reap what you sow.

Having the opportunity to work from home and dictate your own working hours as well as how much you earn is great. But I would honestly like to say, it’s not a walk in the park. Imagine quitting your job, a job that could pay all your bills and still keep your family happy. For most people, 9-5 jobs do not give them as much satisfaction as working for their own time. But for other people, their job is their whole life. Despite how much unsatisfied they are with it, they are afraid of the consequences of leaving their 9-5 job. They talk about consequences like;

  1. Scams

This case is quite common today. Everyone has the need to make money from either home, work or from an investment. However, there are those who look to look for money off flimsy and fake methods. These methods seem sweet and too good to be true and may be sold to you because you hold a desperate need to make money too. So you need to understand that not everyone on the internet who promises you gold gives it to you. Scams may be in the forms of investments, promises of provision of a job opportunity in exchange for money or simple get rich quick schemes. But how will you be able to tell from the basics that a scam is actually a scam?

  • The details about the work from home opportunity are shady.
  • The opportunity seems to benefit you more than usual and what you would expect.
  • There seems to be more promises on the table.
  • Earning potential is over-emphasized and exaggerated.
  • The person introducing the opportunity to you doesn’t clearly have enough information on the opportunity.
  • Stigma.

Have you ever had a conversation with one of your old high school classmates or college friends and then you get to the point where you ask each other what you do for a living? By stigma, I mean, being able to stand in front of people and explain how you make a living by working from home takes courage. To be honest, it sounds funny! But the truth is, making a living at home is quite real in this century and time.

  • Fear of drowning in debt and student loans.

Student loans are frustrating. Attaining a solid degree in engineering, finance, law or whatever good undergraduate program costs quite a penny. Having taken the refuge of student loans to save you a buck in time because of the surety of you being able to pay back the student loan with your future job, you would think everything is okay. But then it gets to that point where you graduate and get your degree, only to sit at home for quite some time while you still haven’t paid those student loans. Working from home at this point could sound a little bit unrealistic to most people. The question would be, how will you be able to find a viable opportunity to work from home that pays your bills, feeds your family for those who would have settled down and gives you an extra dollar for a vacation? Impossible!

Student loans are still not the only case of loans available. For those who may in one way or another have lost their jobs and still have a mortgage on their houses or cars; how would they pay of those loans with a work from home job? Crazy, right?

  • Loosing Hope.

The fear of being unable to find the perfect work from home job can be frustrating. Frustrating because everyone has set targets and bills to be paid. Loosing hope in one way or another can mean not being satisfied with ones already found work from opportunity. It may be online writing, consulting, trading or even multilevel marketing. Would you have the time to keep on trying every single work from home opportunity till you find what you like? For this case, I recommend doing proper research and mentorship in whatever work from home opportunity that one may take part in.

  • Not finding ones best fit online business.

Finding your best fit online business or work from home opportunity takes more time and courage today than it will in the future. The internet today is a global marketplace with more than enough places to make or loose ones savings, investment or time. There are those who have tried and tried all the opportunities in the book but have consistently failed and failed with nothing to salvage for their time. Why? Nothing just works! This could be a fear as well as a problem that could hinder one from taking up the courage to take up a work from home opportunity. Having known what to expect on the downside,

What should I do to evade these consequences?

  1. Have a mentor.
  2. Do proper research about your opportunity online and from a friend already reaping fruits from the said opportunity.
  3. Have a variety of options on the table.
  4. Do not spend what you can’t afford to lose.
  5. Be confident.

Works from home jobs require a certain amount of skill. There are those opportunities that one has the ability to start and manage as a seed and there are those opportunities where one works for an already established company, but at home. No need to go for meetings or answer to any boss in whichever office. For these two cases, I have come up with a combined list. Here are a couple of ways that you could work from home as a business owner and as a worker;

  1. Quick Surveys.
  2. Online Writing.
  3. Forex Trading.
  4. Multi-Level Marketing.
  5. Affiliate Marketing.
  6. Blogging.
  7. Designing & flipping Websites.
  8. Online Gigs. i.e. Fivver
  9. Review Company Products.
  10. Consulting Services.
  11. Tutoring.
  12. Becoming a travel agent.

These are however just a few of the most important ways of coming up with a source of income from home. The list is endless. You need to understand that these aren’t some of those get rich quick schemes. At least all of them take time and an appropriate amount of skill. Working from home today has so much to deal with the internet which is available almost anywhere. So learning a skill or two at home wouldn’t be so difficult. Why? Because you have the internet and you have time. Skills that could get you a fantastic work from home opportunity include;

  1. Coding.
  2. Building WordPress sites.
  3. Consulting and coaching.
  4. Forex and binary options trading.
  5. Blogging.

If you are still uncertain of why you should take the work from home route, no need to worry. It takes long periods of time, research and patience to get the best possible fit for one to be certain of their work from home opportunity. I will however keep updating this list to get the best working from home opportunities as a worker and as a business owner.

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